Pitbull Pump Submersible Pumps

Pitbull® Pumps: Tough Sumps Made Easy

The Pitbull pump is an innovative, simple solution to many of industry’s difficult pumping applications. Using only two check valves and a hollow chamber, the Pitbull will fill and then discharge almost any combination of liquid and solids that can flow through its wide open inlet.

The operation of the Pitbull is inherently automatic unlike conventional pumps, so it will match the cycle rate to the inflow rate, and shut itself off when flow stops without needing level controls. Pitbulls use compressed air as the motive force, acting directly on the liquid without the need for diaphragms or seals. The all-pneumatic operation simplifies installation, eliminates shock hazards and is suitable for explosion-proof areas.


Have you been looking for a unique pump that won’t let you down, even on your most difficult applications?

Well the search is finally over.

Introducing the complete line of Pitbull® pumps. When the going gets tough… they get going and keep going – in situations where many other pumps fail.

All Pitbull® pumps are based on this ruggedly simple pumping concept…

Pitbull Pump in Action Video

VIDEO: See Pitbull in action

We manufacture a full line of submersible pumps along with sludge transfer, filterpress feed and condensate return pumps.

Pitbull® pumps can handle flows from 2 gpm to 2000 gpm at discharge pressures up to 125 psi.

But the real story is not how much the Pitbull® can pump, but what it can pump… with full pipe diameter passages and low internal velocities, all kinds of solids, trash and abrasives can pass through this pump.

By having no impellers… no seals… no motors… no diaphragms… and no moving parts in contact with the liquid other than two check valves, the Pitbull® can take on the applications that are maintenance nightmares for conventional pumps.

Link: http://www.pitbullpumps.com