Super Mucker

Scavenger Conveyor Cleaning System Pat. Pending

Modular Steel Construction
Available widths 48″ – 72″
Available lengths 10 ft. – 30

  • 5 ft. Modular Bolt Up Sections
  • AR-200 Chain Rails & Bottom Pans
  • 3.075″ 40,000 lb. Drag Chain
  • Solid AR-200 Flights
  • Grease Jack / Shim Set Take-Ups
  • 7-1/2 HP Shaft Mount Drive
  • Ease of Transport & Installation
  • Extended Wear Life
  • Longer Life
  • Prevents Flight Bending
  • Maintain Proper Chain Tension
  • Maximum Machine performance w/ no shear pins



7-1/2 Horsepower Shaft Mount Drive

maximum machine performance

with no shear pins

Grease Jack / Shim Set take-ups

maintain proper chain tension and

shaft alignment

Slotted Siderails for Head

and Tail Shaft removal

AR-200 Chain rails and bottom deck

for maximum machine life

3.075″ Pitch 40,000 lb. chain with

solid AR-200 flights for longer life

and prevents flight bending

Belt BossTM Mine Duty Cleaning

Systems for effective cleaning on

high speed mechanical spliced belts